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North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

The North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) is an innovative, stakeholder-driven collaboration among local governments, Tribes, watershed groups, and other interested partners focused on integrated resource planning and local project implementation in California’s North Coast region.

The NCRP oversees the development and regular updates of the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NCIRWMP) adopted by the NCRP in 2005 and again in 2007. NCIRWMP Phase III is underway with a planning grant awarded by the Department of Water Resources. There are many opportunities to provide input into Phase III of the NCIRWMP, including this website, workshops and conferences throughout 2013 and 2014.

NCIRWMP—Plan Elements

The North Coast IRWM Plan, Phase II includes the following sections:

The Regional Framework

This section describes the NCIRWMP themes of beneficial uses of water, salmonid recovery, and intra-regional cooperation and the synchronized, regional adaptive management approach that integrates local, state, and federal priorities.


The six primary NCIRWMP objectives are described in detail:
1. Native salmonid habitat enhancement
2. Protection and enhancement of drinking water quality
3. Adequate water supply with minimal environmental impacts
4. Supporting implementation of statewide water initiatives
5. Address environmental justice issues
6. Provide inclusive framework for intra-regional cooperation

A Description of the North Coast Region

This section includes a depiction of the North Coast Region physical and biological features, sensitive habitats, internal boundaries, major water-related infrastructure, water quality, water quantity, water supply and demand projections, land use, demographic, social, and economic attributes.

Key Water Management Issues

Key water management issues are identified as salmonid population decline, water quantity, water quality, and protection of drinking water in disadvantaged communities. Water management issues are examined at both the watershed and jurisdictional boundary scale.

The Need for Integrated Planning

This section describes how the NCIRWMP meets the regional need for comprehensive, collaborative, multi-scale water management planning and project implementation.

The NCIRWMP Development Process

The North Coast Regional Management Group is described and the outreach and development process for the NCIRWMP is presented in detail. The development of the adaptive management framework for North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Planning is discussed.

The Prioritized Projects

The prioritized projects are presented in the proponents' words. These projects represent the specific actions, projects, and studies through which Phase I of the North Coast IRWMP will be implemented. Also provided are project summaries, expected benefits, monitoring plans, and other relevant information.

Project Integration and Implementation

This section of the NCIRWMP details how the prioritized projects serve to implement NCIRWMP and statewide objectives. Expected benefits and possible impacts to the region from NCIRWMP implementation are discussed, as are impacts to the North Coast Region if the NCIRWMP is not implemented.

Evaluation and Measurement Mechanisms

Existing monitoring efforts are summarized and methods are proposed for evaluating success of the prioritized projects at both the programmatic and project site level. The NCIRWMP use of adaptive management is presented as a means to allow for needed changes to projects and planning as new monitoring information warrants.