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North Coast IRWMP Energy Efficiency & Conservation Block Grant Projects

North Coast IRWMP Proposition 50 Implementation Projects

The Proposition 50 North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Implementation Grant is currently funding 26 projects throughout the 7 county North Coast Region. These projects represent a diverse range of projects and partnerships. Sub-grantees include city governments, Resource Conservation Districts, Community Service Districts, state agencies and non-profits. The total grant award is more than $29 million with over $70 million dollars in matching funds. The County of Humboldt was asked by the North Coast IRWMP Policy Review Panel to act as the Regional Manager for this award. PM Online Tool

Araujo Dam Restoration Project
Big River Main Haul Road Restoration, Phase I & II
City of Etna Water Supply Improvement Project
Covelo Wastewater Facilities Improvement Project
Crescent City Wastewater Treatment Plant Renovation Project
Fish Friendly Farming Environmental Certification Program
Forsythe Creek Sediment Reduction Project, Phase I & II
Graton Wastewater Treatment Upgrade and Reclamation Project
Head Hunter/Smoke House Non-point Sediment Reduction Project
Martin Slough Interceptor Project
Mattole Integrated Water Management Program
Mid Van Duzen River Ranch Road Sediment Reduction Program
Navarro Watershed Road Sediment Reduction Project
Newell Water System Renovation Project
Orick Community Services District Wastewater Treatment System Project
Raw and Recovered Water for Irrigating Public Agencies
Redwood Creek Erosion Control Project
Salmon Creek Sediment Reduction and Water Conservation, Phase I & II
Salt River Ecosystem Restoration Project
Sediment Solutions for the Gualala: Phase III
Shasta Water Association Dam Restoration
Sonoma County Water Recycling and Habitat Preservation Project
Weaverville Sanitary District Water Reclamation Project
Westport County Water District Water Supply Reliability Project

Documents for download:

Final Master Agreement: NCIRWMP Implemetation Grant

Signed Final Master Agreement

Grants Manual

Labor Compliance Workshop Materials (document 1 of 2)

Labor Compliance Workshop Materials (document 2 of 2)


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North Coast IRWMP Planning Program
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