North Coast Energy Independence

North Coast Energy Independence

Energy Independence, Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Given the substantial relationship between water and energy, the relationship between local energy generation and local economic development, as well as the nexus between greenhouse gas emissions and watershed management, the North Coast IRWMP is integrating energy independence and emissions reductions elements into its programmatic regional approach. Learn more…

North Coast Strategies for Energy Independence & Emissions Reduction

The North Coast IRWMP has developed the following preliminary list of strategies for addressing energy independence, GHG emission reduction and climate change adaptation.

Algal biodiesel
Alternative transportation
Building standards
Carbon sequestration
Cellulosic ethanol
Community choice aggregation
Energy efficiency programs
Forest investment zones
Hydrogen fuel cell
Methane digestion
Rural electrification
Water conservation and recycling
Wave energy
Wind energy

Other Resources

Map of North Coast Projects that Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Map of North Coast Renewable Energy Potential & Projects


  • California signed into law the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32), requiring the state to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG‘s) to 1990 levels by 2020. More…
  • Assembly Bill 811 assists local governments with retrofitting residential and commercial properties by providing low interest loans for energy efficient installations that are paid for using tax assessments. More…
  • Senate Bill 375 is the nation's first law to control greenhouse gas emissions by curbing sprawl. More...

  California Energy-Related Recovery Programs and Funding Opportunities