The North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NCIRWMP) is an innovative, stakeholder-driven collaboration among local government, watershed groups, tribes and interested partners in the North Coast region of California. The North Coast comprises seven counties, multiple major watersheds, and a planning area of 19,390 square miles—representing 12% of California's landscape. The NCIRWMP integrates long term planning and high quality project implementation in an adaptive management framework—fostering coordination and communication among the Region's diverse stakeholders. The NCIRWMP's focus areas include restoring salmonid populations, enhancing the beneficial uses of water, promoting energy independence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, addressing climate change, supporting local autonomy and intra-regional cooperation, and enhancing public health and economic vitality in the region's economically disadvantaged communities.

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> Clean Water State Revolving Fund Program offers low interest financing for water quality projects. Annually, the program disburses between $200 and $300 million to eligible projects.

> Funding opportunities from federal, state and private sources.



> The California Water Plan provides a framework for water managers, legislators, and the public to consider options and make decisions regarding California’s water future. The Plan, which is updated every five years, presents basic data and information on California’s water resources including water supply evaluations and assessments of agricultural, urban, and environmental water uses to quantify the gap between water supplies and uses. The Plan also identifies and evaluates existing and proposed statewide demand, management and water supply augmentation programs and projects to address the State’s water needs. Integrated Regional Water Management Planning is a key element of the California Water Plan.